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Phanos Iacovou

The Private Institute Phanos Iacovou was first established in 1999, only numbering then a small group of students. Thanks to hard work though and having as our principal goal the provision of the best quality in education in a way that serves the students’ best interests, we are now considered as one of the best educational centres in terms of accounting matters.

The fact that the Institute is now among the top ones sets the bar even higher and makes the responsibility of the centre towards its students and the society in general even greater.

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A few words from the owner

The Private Institute Phanos Iacovou was established to serve two purposes: first to cover the lack of qualitative accounting centres in Larnaca and secondly to become the most successful centre of all educational institutes in accounting services in Cyprus.

After 20 years of experience and expertise in the preparation of students for successful results in their exams, we would like to believe that we have achieved our goals. This is justified by the increasing number of our students as well as by the prizes they obtain.

We feel the need to thank our students for the trust they have shown us until now and we do promise that we will do our best and become even better because success has no limits.

Phanos Iacovou

Our Vision

To be the only available option in qualitative education and to stand out for our pioneering, ground-breaking and revolutionary approach as well as for the trust our students show to us. On the whole, we want to be the only provider of qualitative instruction in all educational accounting courses all over Cyprus.

Our Mission

  • To offer our students excellent and qualitative education on financial issues and develop lifelong relationships grounded on mutual respect and trust.
  • To guarantee success in exams
  • To offer the society we live in successful and well-respected professional accountants
  • To gain people’s respect and appreciation


The specialization, expertise and constant hands-on experience with Accounting and Economics provide valuable knowledge that in effect helps us in improving and making the course instruction more effective.

Our Goal

Our goal is clear and it is identical to our students’ goal which is nothing but success in the exams from the very first time.


Phanos Iacovou Private Institute is a widely recognized and registered Educational Institute (Registration No., officially approved and accredited by the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture.

The LCCI has approved Phanos Iacovou Private Institute as an accredited centre that offers courses for all LCCI International Qualifications

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