Private Institute
Phanos Iacovou

Modern Greek Lesson

Pancyprian exams (6th Year of High School), Greek for the 4th and 5th Year of High School

Exam preparation for::

  • Pancyprian exams (6th Year of High School)
  • Greek for the 4th and 5th Year of High School


Qualified teacher, graduate of the Greek Language & Literature and holder of an M.A in Theoretical Linguistics, with many years of experience and success in the preparation of students for the Pancyprian exams. Also a teacher at the State Institute, where she prepares students for the Pancyprian exams in Modern Greek.

We provide

  • Small groups
  • Extra material (corpus) adjusted to the demands of the Pancyprian Exams
  • Scheduled tests for every chapter, based on the structure and layout of the Pancyprian exams paper


  • Personal contact with students and their parents

Syllabus adjusted to the requirements and demands of the 6th Year, aiming at ensuring our students’ admission to higher Institutions

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Accounting and Economy courses

offer also to the locations

In Aradippou, in collaboration with T.I.M.E. Private Institute

In Kiti, in collaboration with Stelios Gabrilou Private Institute.

In Athienou, in collaboration with Pani Artemiou Private Institute.

Private Institute Phanos Iacovou

Education has never been a profession for us. For Phanos Iacovou Private Institute, education constitutes a duty that we have been committed to for more than 20 years.

Our ultimate aim being thorough and extensive education of our students that provides them with all necessary knowledge and ensures and guarantees success in all exams as well as in any future career.