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Phanos Iacovou

Accounting and Economics Lesson

The only Institute of Accounting in Larnaca with the highest level of success and the highest number of World and Pancyprian prizes in the LCCI exams: Elementary, Intermediate, Higher.

Preparation for:

Accounting LCCI

Accounting for High School

  • 4th Year of High School
  • 5th Year of High Schoo
  • 6th Year of High School (Pancyprian Exams)


  • 6th Year of High School (Pancyprian Exams)


Introduces students to the basic principles of accounting and prepares them for the Elementary Level.

  • The courses are designed for B and C High school students and they are COMPLETELY FREE.


  • International and Pancyprian awards in Chartered and Certified Accountants and LCCI (Elementary, Intermediate, Higher)
  • A total of 39 international and pancyprian awards in accounting LCCI exams the last 13 years.
  • One of the Institutes in Larnaca with the highest success rates and the greatest number of international and pancyprian awards.
  • The ONLY institute in Cyrpus with 5 pancyprian awards and 7 regional awards (in Larnaca), in 2011, 4 pancyprian awards in 2013, 4 pancyprian and 2 international awards in 2016 and 2 pancyprian awards in 2018.
  • You can find the list with all the awards and excellences.

TEACHER: Phanos Iacovou

Mr. Iacovou has extensive teaching experience in PA College and Cyprus College, both well-known for their High levels of success in accounting exams. He also has considerable experience in Colleges abroad as well as in the largest accounting Institute in Nicosia where Mr. Iacovou prepares students for the following exams:

  • Chartered Accountants (ICAEW)
  • Certified Accountants (ACCA)
  • Accounting Technicians (CAT)
  • LCCI- Elementary, Intermediate, Higher, Level 4
  • Accounting-Pancyprian exams

Mr. Iacovou is the top professional in his fieldand well-known for his excellent organizational skills and his professionalism (notes for each exam, syllabus etc.) Acknowledging his professionalism, two major British Colleges have asked him to provide his services in various countries abroad.


Beginning of June

  • Accounting LCCI
  • Computers
  • English
  • Seminars (Sage 50, Cycom-Sofia, Tax Seminars, Financial Accounting, Statistics/SPSS)

Beginning of September

  • Accounting LCCI
  • Economics
  • Computers
  • English
  • Mathematics – High school and Lyceum
  • Modern Greek – Lyceum
  • Seminars (Sage 50, Cycom-Sofia, Tax Seminars, Financial Accounting, Statistics/SPSS)

FALL COURSES: September-June

Fall courses begin the 2nd week of September and finish in June during the exams week.

We fully prepare and equip our students as well as those who work for the exams held in April and June and we provide further assistance to weak Lyceum students.

Classes are held twice a week and have a duration of 1 ½ hours per lesson.

SUMMER COURSES: June –December

The crash courses the Institute offers are aimed at workers who have as their high priority to acquire an accounting certificate and to those students who want to use constructively their summer holiday. The summer courses start as soon as the school exams finish and prepare students for the exams held in November.

Classes are held twice a week and have a duration of 1 ½ hours per lesson.

During the second and third week of August there are no classes due to the summer holidays.

Elementary and Intermediate students registered for the summer courses will have the opportunity, in September, to attend at the same time the new Intermediate and Higher courses respectively, for the exams held in Spring and Summer, saving thus valuable time.

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